Dunsford Community Primary School Governors are passionate about creating a clear strategy for the future well being of the school.

Chair of Governors, Ms Debby Forsyth:

Clerk to the Governors, Mr Steve Linney:



LAP presentation to parents

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LAP presentation Parent Feedback

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Meet the Governors

Debby Forsyth – Co-Opted Governor (Chair of Governing Board, 19 month term, and Chair on Curriculum & Pastoral Committee)
I joined the school governing board in October 2012. As a governor I am committed to ensuring that Dunsford School continues to be a stimulating, exciting and safe place where all children can experience the broadest possible education and thrive as individuals. I am passionate about education and want to contribute to the continued success and progression of our thriving village school.
After our family move to Dunsford in July 2011 my daughter started at the school in Year 1. I soon realised what a successful and friendly school we are fortunate to have in the village. I have been a regular parent volunteer at the school, particularly enjoying the welcoming atmosphere and the children’s enthusiasm for their outdoor learning environment. Prior to having a family, I lived and worked in Asia for a number of years before returning to the UK to embark on a career in Education. I have taught across the primary age range, mainly in large schools in London and Surrey. My particular interests are Science, ICT and the provision of Special Educational Needs.

Gill Brown – Local Authority Governor (4 year term on Finance & Personnel Committee)
Now retired, I spent most of my working life in the field of education, and have always believed that schools can and should give our young people the best possible start in life. My career was mainly in primary schools as a teacher, working in a range of schools in several different locations. I also worked as an adult tutor in IT, and ran a drugs/health education programme for Primary schools and Special schools. At the end of my career I was working with schools across all phases in an advisory role in the field of Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship.
When I finished work, I decided to put myself forward to become a School governor, thinking that I would now have the time to do the role justice. Luckily for me I was invited to consider becoming a governor at Dunsford, and having met with Ruth, I was delighted to be asked to join your governing body. As a new governor I am enjoying the opportunity to get to know the children, staff and my fellow governors and hope to be able to serve you to the best of my ability in the years to come.

Ruth Alphey – Headteacher (Indefinite term on both Finance & Personnel and Curriculum & Pastoral Committees)
I have worked at Dunsford Community Primary School since April 1999. I remember feeling immediately at home and knew instinctively that I’d be happy here.
Sixteen years on, I’ve been proved right. This is a truly special and rewarding place to work. The children are fabulous: positive, enthusiastic, hard working and great company. They’re at the heart of it all. The staff couldn’t be bettered – a truly dedicated team. The parents, the governors and the wider community are also wonderfully supportive. I consider it a privilege to be Headteacher here.

Warren Wood – Associate Member (Vice Chair of Governing Board and Chair on Finance & Personnel Committee)
I have been a governor at Dunsford Primary School for nearly a year now. I have two children at the school, Liam in year 2 and Phoebe in Reception. Both Liam and Phoebe started at the successful pre-school here at Dunsford. I have been so impressed with the expertise and dedication of all of the staff. The sports days, pantomimes, school clubs and other external activities have filled me with immense pride when watching how professionally the children perform. I love seeing the pride and enjoyment etched on each child’s face. This was all the encouragement I needed to become a governor. I have ultimately strived to assist staff and colleagues to ensure Dunsford continues to be a happy school where the needs and education of the children is continually the highest priority. When I’m not around the school I’m employed as an electrical supervisor and in my spare time I enjoy the role of volunteer taxi driver for my children visiting the numerous ballet, football, and other clubs in the area.
In the past I spent 22 years in the Royal Air Force where I served in numerous positions around the world. My final role in the RAF was in the recruiting environment where I was fortunate enough to be selected to be the manager and facilitator of a RAF team that went into schools teaching motivational outreach activities. This was probably the highlight of my career where I taught youngsters team building, communication and leadership skills. Job satisfaction came from seeing the youngster’s expressions and hearing their feedback. I already feel I am getting similar satisfaction from the role of governor and their role within the school. I do however have to admit it was quite an eye opener seeing all that is involved in the administration of a highly successful primary school. I look forward to seeing you all in the playground.

Amanda Kersey – Staff Governor (4 year term on Curriculum & Pastoral Committee)
I feel very fortunate to live in Devon with my husband, who is a primary school teacher and my two children. We make the most of the beautiful countryside and coast.
I have been enjoying teaching in primary schools since 1994 and have been fortunate to work in a range of settings such as a large town primary school with over 400 children and small village primary schools. I have also been the leader of a pre-school, a Lead Literacy Subject Leader in Devon, a national exemplar teacher for Early Years education publications and worked with educational researchers and PhD students. I currently Chair the Teign Valley Learning Community Early Years teachers group and work at the University of Exeter as an occasional lecturer and tutor in Early Years education.
For me it is a privilege to work in education and to have met so many wonderful pupils, parents and colleagues.

Sandra Bond – Co-Opted Governor (4 year term and Vice Chair on Curriculum & Pastoral Committee)
I am a Community Governor, living in Dunsford, with a special interest in literacy and promoting poetry. Most of my working life has been spent teaching in Primary schools though I now work as an Information Adviser for the Dartmoor National Park Authority.

Simon Dudbridge – Co-Opted Governor (4 year term Curriculum & Pastoral Committee)
I moved with my family to Dunsford in 1982. I was a local general practitioner and village cricketer until I retired at the end of 2010 from the former. Our three children all went to Dunsford School in the days of John Simpson and then Frances Archer. I believe that the local school is at the heart of our community and one way of showing my ongoing support was to make myself available as a governor.

Rachel Waddilove – Associate Member (4 year term on Curriculum & Pastoral Committee with full voting rights)
I live just outside of Dunsford and have been a governor for six years. I became a governor at the school as I wanted to get involved in the village and especially with children. None of our children went to Dunsford Primary School so I had very little knowledge of how the school worked when I first got involved.
I am married and have three grown up children and five grandchildren. My husband and I had a dairy farm while our children were growing up. I have worked with families with babies and young children for many years and run a small business from home, giving advice to parents on all sorts of family issues, especially sleep problems. I have travelled widely overseas with my work but am based more now at home in Devon.
I very much enjoy my role as a governor. I come in and read with children in class one when I am not working away from home. I have enjoyed getting to know the children and staff over the past few years, and feel very blessed to be involved with such a lovely school.

Rupert Williams – Parent Governor (4 year term and Vice Chair on Finance & Personnel Committee)
My family and I moved to the village in August 2013 from Exeter, where we lived after emigrating from Sydney, Australia earlier that year. My wife Nerida is a trainee anaesthetist at the Royal Devon and Exeter and my children are Sophie (Year 2) and Tristan (Preschool). Our two dogs Tabitha and Rafferty are well known at the school gates.

I qualified at Bristol as a Mechanical Engineer and now work from home as a project manager on projects such as Brighton Children’s Hospital which sounds interesting but mainly involves sitting in front of a computer doing excel models and reading lots of contracts.

I am interested in being a governor as I think I could be helpful in areas of the school such as buildings and capital works projects, lifecycle repairs and associated financial management. I am also interested in curriculum areas such as methods for recognising and rewarding achievement in kids both for academic attainment, effort and behaviour.

Miles MacEacharn – Co-Opted Governor (4 year term on Finance & Personnel Committee)
Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, I spent 18 years in industry before becoming Director of Finance for King’s College and King’s Hall School in Taunton. I am responsible for finance, HR, IT, marketing and development as well as leading on their overseas projects. I am also Clerk to the Governors.  My wife is Head of Early Years at Mount Kelly Prep School so between us we have a wealth of educational experience.

I have lived in the village since 1995, and all three of my children went to Dunsford School. This is my second stint on the Governing Board, having previously been a governor between 1997 and 2006 (Chair for eight years).

Alison Arnold – Co-Opted Governor (4 year term on Curriculum & Pastoral Committee)
I am married to Guy and have three boys, all of whom were pupils at the school and I live in the pink house opposite school.

Over the last twenty years, I have had a great deal of involvement with both the Pre-school (as treasurer, Chairman and Pre-school leader for two years) and school – firstly as a co-opted governor for nearly 10 years and then as a teaching assistant for about twelve years. For about five years, I was involved with the Dunsford show committee.

Alongside this, for more years than I care to admit, I have been working as a private tutor, helping to prepare children for their 11+ exams.

Our children’s education is of the utmost importance and Dunsford Primary School is a vital part of the community, because it continually draws families to live here and participate in village life, ensuring that the village stays active and alive.

Steven Thomas (4 year term on Finance & Personnel Committee)
I moved my family to the Dunsford Area, from East London in 2011, so that my children could access DCPS because I wished them to attend a school that could give them individual attention.

I have two children currently enrolled at the school, who are thriving under Mrs Alphey’s tutelage and thoroughly enjoying the warm, caring and progressive environment.

Observing how my children have flourished at DCPS, where they have taken full advantage of school activities, on the sports field, swimming pool and more artistic productions. I felt that when the opportunity to assist a very able team of governors, I should put myself forward to ensure that the excellent ethos of the school can be maintained for others in years to come.

I am a self-employed director of several companies and have been working in corporate finance for the last 15 years. My work mainly is in the SME sector assisting them to access finance, by understanding and structuring their requirements then introducing the correct forms of capital.

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Dunsford Governing Board 2016

Name Type of Governor Appointing Body Office Term Committee(s) Registered interests
Alex Rees Stephan Local Authority Local Authority Chair 1.2.13 – resigned 9.2.16 None
Ruth Alphey Headteacher Ex officio 4.2.11-present Curriculum & Pastoral (C&P)

Finance & Personnel (F&P)

Amanda Kersey Staff Elected by staff 9.9.13-8.9.17 C&P None
Warren Wood Parent Elected by parents Vice Chair and

Chair of F&P

27.2.13-26.2.17 F&P None
Rupert Williams Parent Elected by parents 10.2.14-9.2.18 F&P None
Steven Thomas Parent Elected by parents 28.9.15-27.9.19 F&P Company Director of Amoradha Limited and

Camelia S Assamica Limited

Debby Forsyth CoOp Governing board Chair and Chair of C&P 19.5.15-18.5.19 C&P None
Sandra Bond CoOp Governing board Vice Chair of C&P 19.5.15-18.5.19 C&P None
Gill Brown Local Authority Local Authority Vice Chair of F&P 17.5.16-16.5.20 F&P None
Simon Dudbridge CoOp Governing board 19.5.15-18.5.19 C&P None
Miles MacEacharn CoOp Governing board 28.9.15-27.9.18 F&P None
Alison Arnold CoOp Governing board 17.5.16-16.5.20 C&P None
Rachel Waddilove Associate Member Governing board 19.5.15-18.5.19 C&P None
George Pankiewicz Parent Elected by Parents Vice Chair and Chair of F&P 10.2.14 – resigned 21.7.15 F&P None

Attendance at Governing Board Meetings 2014-15

Possible Attended Possible Attended Possible Attended
Alison Arnold 0 0 0 0
Rachel Waddilove 6 5 6 5
Simon Dudbridge 6 6 6 5
Amanda Kersey 6 5 6 4
Debby Forsyth 6 6 6 6
Sandra Bond 6 6 6 5
Alex Rees Stephan 6 6 6 3 6 4
Ruth Alphey 6 6 6 6 6 6
Gill Brown 6 6 6 5
Steven Thomas 0 0 0 0
Miles MacEacharn 0 0 0 0
Rupert Williams 6 5 6 4
Warren Wood 6 3 6