Equality and Diversity

At Dunsford Community Academy we actively raise awareness of equality and diversity issues.

It is our duty to advance equality of opportunity and to comply with the relevant and appropriate protected characteristics. This information will help the school to ensure that individual pupils are achieving their potential, the school is being inclusive in practice and trends are identified which inform the setting of our equality objectives in the school improvement plan.

Throughout the year, we plan on-going events to raise awareness of equality and diversity. This may include a focus on disability, respect for people of all ages, respect for other cultures, religions and beliefs, anti-homophobia/gay pride, gender equality, developing community cohesion and an understanding of the effects of discrimination. These are set out as equality objectives in the school improvement plan.

Equality Objectives March 2016

Accessibility Plan

At Dunsford Community Academy, our vision is that over time the school will be able to offer an inclusive learning environment which is equally accessible to all children.  We are committed to providing children with physical and medical needs an education of the highest possible quality.  It is based upon the principle that whenever possible children should attend their local mainstream school, unless this is against their parent’s wishes or incompatible with the efficient education of other children or the efficient use of resources.

Accessibility Action Plan 2015-2018

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