Gifted and Talented Pupils

Gifted and Talented Provision

We aim to provide a broad and balanced education for children of all abilities, enabling every child to develop to his/her full potential, both socially and academically.

‘Gifted’ learners are those who have abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory curriculum other than art and design, music and PE.

‘Talented’ learners are those who have abilities in art and design, music, PE or performing arts such as dance and drama.

Gifted and talented pupils will have abilities in one or a combination of the following:

1. Intellectual (such as aspects of English, linguistics, mathematics, science);
2. Artistic and creative (aspects of art and design, music, drama);
3. Practical (aspects of design and technology, art and design);
4. Physical (PE, sports, dance);
5. Social (personal and interpersonal, leadership qualities, working with adults);
6. Potential gifts and talents in relation to a particular individual interest or passion.

We also recognise that those pupils who are among the most able do not always show their ability within the school setting, for example in BMX racing or horse riding. At school, their abilities may be hidden or remain as potential, whereas in an external setting these abilities may be enabled to develop. Wherever possible, we will direct parents towards an appropriate external provider.

Organisational and in-class approaches
We recognise that able, gifted and talented pupils have their own needs and that we should give particular consideration to their individual needs and well-being. Staff plan with them in mind ensuring connections are made between areas of learning, pupil attributes, enthusiasms and interests.

The majority of the provision is available within the normal everyday classroom in the form of challenging and differentiated opportunities. In addition, very valuable provision is made available beyond the school day in a wide range of curriculum, specialist and alternative forms to extend and broaden the school offer.

Abilities, gifts, talents and specific expertise are developed by enhancing the educational opportunities within the curriculum and other forms of learning using a mixture of breadth (enrichment) depth (extension) and pace (acceleration).

To enable effective practice to take place, we facilitate partnership working by fostering collaborative approaches with other education providers, schools, children, parents and carers.

Out of class activities
The following are offered on a regular basis and are particularly apt for ensuring that pupils who have potential in these areas are given opportunities to practice and extend their skills.
• Enrichment days
• School clubs
• Clubs offered by Teign School, e.g. Science and Drama
• Visiting teachers from Teign School
• Musical and sporting activities (eg ‘High Flyers’ sports training)