Tour of our School

Welcome to Dunsford Community Academy!
by Harry in Y6

Are you considering sending your child or children to this school? If so read on to discover more about this happy and healthy school environment.
The school is based in the sleepy village Dunsford on the outskirts of Dartmoor. The building itself was constructed in the late Victorian era. We encourage the children to work hard but have fun at the same time. The grounds house a heated swimming pool, playground, large field, small wood (but not too small for the children to have fun in) and wildlife garden.

Play ground
We have an outdoor playground that our children love to play in. The playground is a large tarmac covered area that the children run around on at break and lunch. It stretches all the way from the front gate to class one; that’s more than enough space for your child to have an enjoyable and energetic play time! For children who are into sport there is a space to play football and netball hoops at opposite ends. For less active children there are benches to sit down on. In addition, there is a quiet area for the children to play in and stay clear from the noise and other activities in the main playground. Another feature of the quiet area are the two full sized sand pits, complete with toys. Everyone’s needs are fulfilled. There is a PE shed in the quiet area full of fun toys to keep the children amused. Other things to keep the children occupied include: a challenging climbing wall, markings painted on the ground, hopscotch and much more!

Class 1
After an eventful playtime the children go back to learning. The children in reception and year 1 have lessons in the class 1 building. Their teachers are Mrs Kersey and Mrs McKnight. Here they learn all the basics that are essential for their early education like phonics, drawing and number bonds. After taking in lots of new things the children love to play with their choosing activities. There are so many activities for your children/child to immerse themselves in. Here are just a few: the two themed role-play areas that change every term, the tricycles, the Lego or maybe the sand and water pits.

Swimming Pool
Above all, one of the most loved places in the school is the swimming pool. We are so lucky to have this wonderful pool available to us. As soon as the pool is opened we try to go swimming every day. Often we have fun sessions but we also have swimming lessons as part of our PE curriculum. Although the pool is used in lessons you are allowed to have a fun dip after school. The pupils particularly appreciate and enjoy the annual pool party. The children get to go swimming and then dry off and have some delicious sweets. You won’t want to miss out!

Class 1 Play area
The class 1 play area is situated in front of the Daffodil Building and behind Class 1. This is where the Class 1 children and pre-school children have fun outside. There are fun markings to jump over, a slide to play on, bricks to build with and tricycles and scooters to ride.

Daffodil building
This is where our Nursery children play and learn with Mrs Walters and Miss Dundas.

Our school is also lucky enough to have access to a very large field. The children are allowed to play on this on a dry day at break or lunch. There is plenty of room to run about on. The field is home to many exciting equipment such as: a zip wire, a balance beam, a tunnel, a play house, football goals, two slides, two climbing walls, a running track, a shade sail and so much more – what more could your children want? Sometimes – if they’re lucky – the children can even have their lunch on the field.

Adjacent to our fabulous field is our wood. If it isn’t too damp the children are allowed to play in it, in addition to the field. Here the children can build fantastic dens with sticks, logs and canvases. The wood also provides shade for those who are getting a little too hot.

Wild Garden
Behind the Daffodil Building is our Wild Garden. We have a large pond which is teeming with wildlife. It is home to frogs, toads and at least 7 species of newt! A stream also runs through our grounds here. In the Spring we plant seeds and bring them on in the potting shed. Then we plant them out in the raised beds and harvest our produce during the summer and autumn.

Class 2
When you cross the bridge from the field you will arrive in class 2. This is the classroom where years 2-3 have most of their lessons, with a Quiet Room next to it for group work. The teacher in this class is Mr Stewart. The walls are adorned with displays of recent work from the children.

Class 3
Down the stairs from class 2 you will find class 3, the biggest classroom in the school. This is where the year 4s, 5s and 6s learn. The teacher in class 3 is Mr Parker. The children all have their own Victorian wooden desks in which they keep all their books and belongings. The computer suite is at the end of this classroom.

Dining Room
Our Dining Room is in the centre of our school building. We have two sittings at lunchtime, the first for the Key Stage 1 children and the second for the Key Stage 2 children. The kitchen is just next door behind the hatch. This useful space also doubles up as our assembly hall and a classroom.

The Library
We have a bright, airy library which is stocked with lots of brilliant reads.

Other facilities
For gymnastics and some other PE activities we have permission to use the village hall. We also use this space for performances and concerts.

There are all sorts of clubs for your children to enjoy. Many of these clubs are after school such as: running club, netball club and cricket club. Most others are set at lunch time like drama club, origami club, golf club, hip-hop club, clay club and science club.
To conclude I hope after reading this you are really considering sending your children to this school. It is a fun, safe, healthy school environment and we strive to make sure all our children get a good primary education. Thank you for reading… we look forward to seeing you soon!