September 2014 – We are pleased to announce that we have just been awarded the Artsmark accreditation. Please click on this link to view the report.

Artsmark Validation Report Dunsford Community Primary School

At Dunsford Community Primary School, we aim to provide a broad and balanced education for children of all abilities, enabling every child to develop to his/her full potential (socially, academically and artistically). Our aim is to foster the development of the whole child. We aim to provide as wide a range of extra-curricular activities as possible.
(Aims And Ethos, 2014)

As part of this rich, broad and balanced education, we aim to give children a wide range of artistic and creative opportunities. We consider ‘The Arts’ to be as important as any other aspect of the curriculum.

What are The Arts?

We consider the arts to be a wide range of creative activities, including:

• art (eg drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printing, modeling, batik)
• music (eg singing, composing, playing, appraising, performing)
• dance (eg traditional, modern, improvised, group, individual, performances)
• drama (eg hotseating, freeze framing, improvisations, plays, performances)
• poetry and creative writing (eg reading, inventing, imagining)
• other (eg using IT to create or manipulate images, designing, photography)

How do we provide artistic opportunities?

We aim to make our curriculum as engaging and exciting as possible, by giving the children opportunities to be imaginative and creative during lessons wherever we can. We believe that by following the interests of the children, and by actively involving them in their learning, we will keep them fully engaged and enthused. We bring artistic approaches into subject across the curriculum (eg History, RE, PSHE, English, DT) to enhance understanding and develop thinking.

Extra – curricular
We provide a range of clubs at lunchtime and after school. These are frequently set up following requests by the children. In the last couple of years we have had Singing Club, Recorder Club, Guitar Club, Country Dancing Club, Woodcraft Club, Drama Club, Clay Club, Craft Club and Origami Club (to name but a few!)

Instrumental Tuition
Children have the opportunity to learn many different musical instruments while at Dunsford Community Primary School. This includes whole–class teaching (eg recorder or ukulele) as well as the chance for individuals to learn an instrument. Currently we have 1:1 woodwind tuition (from a peripatetic teacher) and guitar tuition. Singing tuition and piano tuition is available in the village.

Artists and Authors
We aim to invite at least one artist in to school per year to work with each class, working alongside the class teachers to inspire and provide stimulating opportunities for all. We also aim to hear from a children’s author per year, learning about the writing process and how writers turn ideas into a published reality.

Special Weeks
We collapse the curriculum, holding special themed weeks at least twice a year, giving us time to devote to extended projects. Frequently we use the expertise of a visiting artist as the stimulus for our work.

We enable the children to experience artistic performances, produced both by professional organisations and by local amateur groups. This includes theatre trips, drama workshops, pantomime outings, West End shows and local Arts Festivals.

Opportunities to perform
We also aim to give the children regular chances to perform. This can be in whole school assemblies or to wider audiences (eg whole school drama productions, whole school performances at our annual local Multi-cultural/Arts Festival and whole school concerts. Groups of children also perform in a variety of ways at local venues for different audiences and participate in local competitions.

What is Artsmark?
Artsmark is a prestigious award for schools. Achieving Artsmark is sign of a school’s commitment to high quality arts and cultural education. Schools meriting an Artsmark demonstrate that they:
• value the arts and culture through a broad and balanced curriculum
• are committed to staff development opportunities
• support successful and sustainable relationships with arts and cultural organisations
• enable young people to engage through creative learning
• contribute to the cultural aspect of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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