Latest News : Spring 2016 – Summer 2017

Summer Term 2017

Sports Day and Swimming Gala

Thank you to all of the parents, extended family members and friends of the school who were able to join us for our annual Sports Day and Swimming Gala. What a great day it was! It was wonderful to see the children challenging themselves and working together so cooperatively to encourage each other. Thank you for your help with gazebos and chairs etc, and thank you for coming to create a buzzing, positive atmosphere. Many children stood out for their athletic prowess and their swimming skill; for me, many also stood out for their resilience and determination to do their best, and also for their team spirit. Congratulations to the Red Team who won
Sports Day, and the Blue Team who won the Swimming Gala. Please follow this link for more photos.

Great Dunsford Camp Out

We were delighted that so many KS2 children joined us on Friday night, to experience this year’s Camp Out. As you can see by the photos, the children had a wonderful time sleeping on our school grounds. Please follow this link for more photos.


I was very, very proud of our wonderful children, our dedicated staff and our supportive families once again last week at the annual ArtsFest at Teign School. It was so special to see Dunsford children of all ages taking part in our performance of ‘Going Home’, with such skill and confidence. Please follow this link for more photos.

Memory Café

What a wonderful visit we had last week, when 29 of our Singing Club children visited the Memory Café group with Mr Parker. Mrs Margaret Barker, one of the organisers, writes:
“Thank you to all who made it possible for the Singing Group to come to our Memory Café yesterday. We all thoroughly
enjoyed the singing and the theme was so good for our group, as one of our ladies said the children look so happy when
they sing it makes you feel good. Sorry we couldn’t organise better weather for their walk down! We all look forward to their next visit. Music plays a big part in the wellbeing of our group and coupled with the children it makes for a happy morning.”

Kwik Cricket Competition

Ruby, Joseph, George, James, Jack, Kit, Max, Archie, Gus and Freddie recently competed in Devon Cricket’s Primary School’s competition at South Devon Cricket Club. The team competed in three competitive matches and one friendly. They won one and lost two.
“I really enjoyed it and was proud that we won against Rydon as we haven’t been playing as a team for that long,” said James.
“It was fun when we caught the ball and got someone out,” added Max.
Mr Perry, Mrs Barker, Mr Clarke and Mrs Smith accompanied the children – thank you very much to them all. Well done everyone!

Cross Country Running Success

Gus, Archie, Fin, Daisy C, Joseph and Jack represented our school yesterday afternoon at the SSP’s Cross Country Running Races, held at Stover School. They all did brilliantly, and Ms Farress was very proud of them all. They all certainly came in the top half of each race, many of them within the top 20. Jack tells me it is getting easier over time to pace yourself over the course and that he loves participating! Well done everyone!

KS1 Activity Week

What a wonderful week we had. On Monday we went to Paignton Zoo and enjoyed a ‘Remarkable Rainforests’ workshop in the morning and were really keen to answer the questions that were put to them by the zoo keeper. We all learnt some new fascinating facts from that experience. We even learnt how to speak ‘Gibbon’ language! In the afternoon, we enjoyed walking around the zoo looking at the amazing variety of animals, which were kept in such good conditions. The crocodiles, kangaroos, ostriches, tortoises, tiny dart frogs, huge snakes, cheetahs, tigers, lions, zebras, elephant, giraffes and cows were a big hit.

On Tuesday we had Forest School, Wednesday we made delicious green vegetable soup and Thursday we have been pond dipping, amongst other things. We have seen lots of smiling faces as the photos show. Please follow this link for lots more photos.

Haven Banks Activity Week

KS2 children had a brilliant time at Haven Banks for a week. They have been sailing, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, abseiling, caving and dragon boating. We have loved looking at the photos and hearing stories of the children’s achievements. There are many images of children having a go and challenging themselves with new experiences. Mr Parker and Mr Stewart both commented on how well the children behaved and responded to their instructors. Well done everyone! Please follow this link for lots of photos.

Magnificent Mires

Years 4, 5 and 6 had a wonderful one night residential at Runnage Farm, Postbridge, Dartmoor, organised by the Devon Wildlife Trust.

Whilst we were on Dartmoor we explored the blanket bogs that are so important to our local environment. We studied the plants and animals that live in and around these fascinating peat bogs.

When we were back at the farm we had fun den building in the woods plus singing songs and drinking hot chocolate around the camp fire.

Mr and Mrs Coker (who farm Runnage) gave the children a fascinating tour of their farm where they were allowed to bottle-feed the lambs.

Jasmine Atkinson from the Devon Wildlife Trust says:

“Thank you so much for bringing your class on the residential, the kids were amazing and a delight to teach. I’ve just received their wonderful letters which are beautiful. I haven’t managed to read them all yet but I will, and I will then pass them on to the team as I’m sure they would love to see them.

We have just tweeted 2 of the pictures:”

Please follow this link for lots more photos.

C1 Printing Workshop

The YR and Y1 children enjoyed a fantastic morning of printing with professional artist Catherine Forshall and her daughter Flora, who is an ex-pupil of ours. It was great to see them both again. The children did some printing with them, using special printing ink and rollers. They used a variety of techniques, including collagraph printing, and
produced some amazing outcomes. Do take a look at the website to find out more! We will put the photos up there shortly. Thank you Catherine and Flora – it was a really inspirational, rich experience for the children.
“It was really fun,” beamed Irah.
“I made a print of a cat in a meadow,” added Verity.
“I used a leaf and painted it red. Then I made a picture with it,” explained Naomi. Please follow this link for more pictures.

Bag2School Success

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to donate their unwanted goods to our Bag2School collection. Altogether we collected 450kg, earning the PTFA a massive £180! Not bad for recycled goods! Thank you to Mrs Squire for organising the collection once again, and to the Ursell family, Simon Squire, Mrs Todd and Mrs Cole, who all helped her on the day.

New Wicker Play House

I am delighted to tell you that we have just been given a wonderful brand new wicker play house, for our youngest children to enjoy. Elva (one of our new Reception pupils for September) and her family have donated it to the school.
Thank you so much, Elva! We hope you will enjoy many happy hours playing in it with your friends. Isaac in Y5 is kindly making 9 wooden ‘feet’ for it (so it can sit safely on the tarmac at the back of Class 1 without blowing away). Thank you too, Isaac!


We, the Governing Board of Dunsford Community Primary School, have been considering how best to secure the future and success of our school.  We have discussed this at length and have considered very carefully a number of options over the last six years. These options included:

  • federating with other schools
  • becoming an Academy andjoining a Multi Academy Trust
  • remaining a Local Authority school.

Through our understanding of the values and benefits of collaborative working, our reading of the current educational climate, our analysis of our fluctuating pupil numbers and our increasingly restrictive budget constraints, we have concluded that now is the right time for change.

We conducted a thorough and robust due diligence process. We carefully considered our requirements for a future partnership: to maintain and strengthen the role of our school at the heart of our community and  to deliver the highest quality of learning and teaching, through well trained and well supported staff.

When considering ‘What is most important for Dunsford in a future partnership?’ we identified the following key points:

  • The retention of our identity, ethos and values
  • Increased opportunities for our children
  • Secure financial position and performance of future partner
  • A progressive Primary approach
  • Staff expertise valued and retained with excellent CPD opportunities for all staff
  • The retention of a Headteacher on site
  • A Governance structure where a local voice is retained
  • Clear succession planning

Following this due diligence process, we voted unanimously to pursue a future partnership with the Learning Academy Partnership (South West) family of schools and have now entered a period of consultation to proceed with an application for conversion to academy status.

The Learning Academy Partnership ( ) is an established, successful and outward-looking Multi Academy Trust, with a proven track record of sustained school improvement and partnership working. It is also a National Support School and National Teaching School. The vision, values and collaborative ethos of the Learning Academy Partnership, in ensuring an entitlement to educational excellence and rooted in local communities, fully aligns with our own.

For more information please follow this link to our Governors page.

Class One Bike and Scooter Afternoon

Class One children each brought to school either a scooter or a bike. They thought about road safety and how important it is to wear a helmet. The children talked about the health benefits of cycling or scooting to school. A simple course was set up around the playground for the children to show off their skills to one another. Please follow this link to view more photos.

Tag Rugby Event: Dunsford vs Christow

Thank you to everyone who came along last Thursday after school, to support the children as they took part in a series of matches against children from Christow Community Primary School. What a lovely, supportive, positive atmosphere there was on the field! It was wonderful to see so many parents there, from both schools. The four teams played a series of short matches against each other, ably referred by Mr Williams and Mr Perry. The Grand Final was between the Blues and the Reds, which was won 1:2 by the Red Team. Congratulations! Mr Williams said afterwards, “The kids had lots of fun and learnt so much playing against Christow. It is so different playing against people you don’t know. From all sides there was a high level of skill on show and proper sportsmanship, it was a real pleasure to organise.” Thank you so much Mr Williams and Mr Perry and to all of the parents who contributed cakes / fruit and organised refreshments. There will be a similar football event between our two schools soon – watch this space!

Cross Country Cycling Success

I am delighted to tell you how well our cyclists did on Tuesday at Stover School. Archie and Fin came 17th and 18th respectively in the Y3/4 Boys’ Race. Jack, Kit, George, Joe and Max came 16th, 17th, 23rd, 27th and 30th in the Y5/6 Boys’ Race. This means that all of our athletes finished in the top 30% of the local competitors – a marvellous achievement for our small school. Well done to all of them! Come on girls – do join in next time! Thank you, Mr Clarke, for being in charge once again on the day.

Spring Term 2017

Red Nose Day

What a successful day of silliness and fundraising we had on Friday! The children’s jokes really were funny and they told them well. Everyone looked amazing in their red outfits. There were so many cakes and biscuits on offer we had to sell some on Monday as well! The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Class 3 stalls. Many of them seemed to involve having to get wet, mucky or dizzy in some way. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed to the day, and to our School Council (Belle, William G, Simon, Harry G, Cameron, Sophie and Ellie) for setting the vision for the day. Altogether we raised a marvellous £316, which we will split between Red Nose Day and our link school, Future Hope Montessori School in Vipingo, Kenya. Please follow this link for more photos.

PTFA Children’s Competitions Overall Winner

For those of you who were not able to join us for the Children’s Competition event, it was a great success. Every child left the Village Hall with a sizeable chocolate Easter Egg too! Can’t be bad! There were so many rosettes awarded (63 in all) it would be impossible to name everyone who came first, second or third in their age groups for each class. However, I am delighted to name the overall winner: Lucy from Y5. She was presented with the shield, celebrating the best achievement in the competitions overall. Well done to everyone who took part, and in particular, well done Lucy! Thank you so much to Jo Todd and Hannah Phipps from the PTFA, and to everyone else who made the event such a lovely occasion.

Class 2 and 3 Artist Day

Class 2 and Class 3 children had an inspirational day with Amanda from the Double Elephant Print Workshop. She showed us how to make collagraph templates and print from them using her large printing presses. Everyone made a greetings card to bring home and we also have copies to make group collages with, to keep on permanent display here at school. Our thanks go, once again, to The Helen Foundation and the PTFA for supporting our rich Arts curriculum. Please follow this link for more photos.

Maths Challenge Day

It was really special to be joined by so many visitors on Monday. Forty children from six different primary schools came along to be challenged and enthused by professionals from the ‘Devon and Cornwall Maths Hub’. “My favourite challenge was a pirate treasure hunt activity. We needed to work out the code for a pirate treasure chest – we needed to do maths questions to figure out the code,” said Alex. “It was quite hard because if you got one question wrong, that wrecked your chances.” “When someone figured out the right code, the treasure chest opened and there was a load of sweets inside. We all had a pack of sweets each,” added Cayden. “But my favourite activity was when you had to solve maths questions and go around the room to the right answer, and then solve another question. I was with Alex and it was really good fun.” The children and staff who are new to our school were amazed, impressed and a bit envious of our wonderful outdoor facilities. Many started building dens in the woods, the zipwire had a long queue and football was popular with those who do not have room to play on their own playgrounds. It is good to be reminded of how lucky we are from time to time!

Class 2 and Class 3 Viking Day

Class 2 and Class 3 had a wonderful day in the Village Hall on Monday, learning more about the Vikings. Tom, from Steamhorse Interactive, not only looked the part but brought with him a wealth of artefacts and a host of knowledge about this interesting period of history. The children learned such a lot and had great fun doing so. Thank you so much to the PTFA for subsidising this enrichment experience and to all of you for making voluntary contributions to cover the cost. Please follow this link for more photos.

Y5/6 Handball Finals

The regional Handball finals were held at South Dartmoor Community College this week. Our team (George, Jack, Ruby, Sophie, Kit, Daisy and Max) did really well, winning one match but losing the others. “It was fun when we scored goals,” said Kit. “I scored two or three times in different matches – I just lobbed it at the goal, aiming for the bottom corners!” “I also liked it when I saved goals,” added Sophie. “Sometimes it was tricky because the ball was quite hard and it stung when it hit your hand. The other players also aimed at the corners of the goal which made it hard to save. Some were lucky saves!” Well done to everyone, and thanks once again to the parent volunteers who accompanied and supported the children.

Curriculum Evening for Parents

Our curriculum evening giving advice to parents on how to support their children with writing and spelling was very well attended. Please see the Literacy Information section of our website for more details on how to support your child.

parent invite

Class One Toys Workshop

Last week the Class 1 children got the chance to play with lots of toys from different ages in a session about the ‘History of Toys’. “You took the old key and turned it and the little doll played the xylophone by herself. It was a good song and she moved if someone tried to play it. She stopped when Hayley put the xylophone on the floor, but when she put it on the table the doll kept going. It was fun when she came in. We got to play with some of the wooden toys,” said Sophie, Tom and Sofia. Please click this link to view more photos.

Mud Kitchen

We have just had a fantastic new mud kitchen built in our Class 1 Playground. A mud kitchen is an outdoor child-sized kitchen made out of wood, where the children can role play cooking using real pots and pans – and mud! The children will be able to play cooperatively, taking turns with others, promoting their personal, social and emotional development. They will work as part of a group, understand and follow rules (promoting the management of their feelings and behaviour). It should be both educational and great fun, though could get a little messy! Our new mud kitchen was funded by the Cranbrook Charity, a local charity supporting educational aims. We are very grateful for their ongoing support for our school and our pupils. Shane Martin designed and built it for us especially, into an awkward corner. Thank you, Shane! Now we need your help. We need some cooking or baking equipment for the children to use in their play. Do you have any old saucepans, frying pans, fairy cake tins, mixing bowls or wooden spoons, which you would like to donate? The items would need to be clean and made from metal, plastic or wood – not glass. We also need two washing up bowls, to use as sinks. Thank you in advance for your help.

Autumn Term 2016

The Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Class one children delighted us with their Nursery Rhyme Nativity this year. They cleverly changed well known nursery rhymes into a nativity themed play and all performed beautifully. Well done! Please follow this link for more photos.

An Out of this World Christmas

Mission control, astronauts, robots, aliens and a nativity scene: this year’s KS2 Christmas production of “An Out of This World Christmas” had it all. The children sang and acted beautifully. Well done! Please follow this link for more photos.

Express and Echo Competition

I am delighted to tell you that we have won the recent competition run by this local newspaper, winning £2500 of playground markings. Look out for some new additions to our outdoor spaces, coming soon! Thanks must go to Mrs Morris, for supporting our school so brilliantly by collecting all of the vouchers. We could not have done it without you, Karen!

Tag Rugby Success

I am delighted to tell you that our success in this sport locally has continued. We have recently sent a Y3/4 team (Archie, Gus, Freddie, Harry G, Fin, Cora, Jessica and Cameron) and a Y5/6 team (Jack, James, Joseph, Wilf, Max, Kit, George, Sophie, Ruby, Lucy, Melissa and Ella) to SSP Tag Rugby tournaments. Both of our teams won and are now through to the regional finals on November 29th. Well done everyone and thank you to Mr Williams and Mr Perry for their continuing support at Tag Rugby events. Please follow this link to view more photos.

Remembrance Day – thank you

Our recent Poppy Day appeal raised £119.22 for the British Legion. Thank you all for your donations and to Mrs Phipps for organising this for us. Mrs Phipps was also kind enough to come in on November 11th, to talk about her career in the army and to share what she thinks about during each two minutes’ silence. The children were fascinated by her experiences and listened intently, asking loads of questions. Thank you, Hannah, for your time.




Children’s Book Week 2016

Children’s Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age. During the week each class carried out a range of exciting activities to inspire the children with their reading and their writing. Please follow this link to view more photos.


Wooston Castle Visit, Years 4, 5 and 6

To support their learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, Years 4, 5 and 6 visited Wooston Castle. Wooston Castle, in Dunsford Woods, is part of a trio of Iron Age hill forts (along with Prestonbury Castle and Cranbrook Castle) overlooking the Teign Valley. Please follow this link to view more photos.

Olympic Team Challenge Day

Our annual Team Challenge Day had an Olympic twist this year, inspired by this summer’s wonderful Rio Olympics. Each sporting activity was based on an Olympic Event. Every child from Year Reception to Year 6 took part in a mixed-age team and made their own “Olympic values” themed medals. Please follow this link to view more photos.

Class 2 and 3 Trip to Kent’s Cavern

To enhance our history education on the Stone Age, class 2 and 3 went on a visit to Kent’s Cavern. Kent’s Cavern archaeologists found the first evidence of modern humans in Britain (a human jawbone dating back to 40,000 years ago).

We toured the impressive cave system learning, went on a woodland trail and completed an archaeological dig (for gemstones!).

Please follow this link to view more photos.

Class 1 Trip to Stone Lane Gardens

Class 1 had a wonderful visit to the fantastic Mystic Garden and Sculpture Exhibition at Stone Lane Gardens. There was something there to stimulate every sense and enhance the children’s learning with their topic about themselves and their senses. Please follow this link to view more photos.

Tag Rugby Tournament Success


We recently took all of our KS2 children to compete in a Tag Rugby tournament held at Newton Abbot Rugby Club. Well done to our year 5/6 team who came third in the tournament. Congratulations to Cora who was named “Player of the Day”. Considering there were over 10 competing schools, that really is an achievement. Well done.

Cross Country Race Success

Several of our keen KS2 runners went to Stover School last night to take part in the latest SSP cross country running race. Jack, Max, Kit, Joseph, Ruby, Melissa, Lucy, Martha, Gus, Fin, Archie, Harry C and Sophia ran across fields and into woodlands, competing against hundreds of other local schoolchildren. All of our children did well and Archie came third overall in the Y3/4 boys’ race. “Some people were elbowing me at the start so it was hard to get through, but then I did. I overtook lots of people and I didn’t run out of breath. I think the Daily Mile has helped me. I was really happy when I came third.” Well done, Archie! Thank you to Ms Farress and all of the parents who supported the event.

Tour of Britain

What an exciting afternoon we had last week as we experienced the Tour of Britain cycling race pass through Dunsford. It was hard to spot the cycling superstars, but they were there. In addition to the cycling, the three PCSOs stationed near us, and the many police officers on motorbikes, lights flashing and sirens wailing as they sped past, provided much additional fun. You may remember that we sent George, Owen, Sophie and Joseph, our Y5/6 cycling team, up to Haytor that day, to take part in the associated SSP cycling race for local primary school children. You may also have heard the fantastic results already! Not only did our team come second, in silver medal position, but there was some individual success as well. Sophie came third in the ‘Queen of the Mountain’ competition with her time of 5 mins 42 seconds (25 seconds behind the winner). Joseph came joint second in the ‘King of the Mountain’ competition, with his time of 4 mins 46 seconds (28 seconds behind the winner). Haven’t they done well? Well done to all of the team, and thank you to the parents who supported them (both on the day and as they prepared for it).


Summer Term 2016

Sportsmark Gold

Sainsburys School Games 15-16 logoWell, we’ve done it again! We’ve earned the top level of recognition for sporting and PE provision for the last academic year. This means that we are deemed to have ‘an outstanding commitment to school sport’. The children enjoy a range of Sports Clubs, quality PE lessons and the Daily Mile. In addition, they also have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities and competitive events in a variety of sports. Many volunteers make this possible, not only by running our after school clubs but also by transporting children to and from events for us. Thank you all so much for your time and your generosity – the children benefit greatly from these experiences. Thank you also to Mr Stewart for coordinating PE and school sport so effectively on our behalf.

Paralympic Torch Visit

We felt very privileged and excited on Tuesday, when the Paralympic torch visited our school. Only 100 schools nationally (4 in Devon) have been chosen to learn more about the Paralympic movement and experience a torch procession with the real torch! We were asked to pick ten adult or Y5/6 child ‘guardians of the flame’ to lead the procession. Colin Edwards was an obvious choice (as a torchbearer from London 2012 and a keen supporter of our Running Club). Heidi Farress was also chosen, as she has also been a tireless running champion at our school and has not only run weekly cross-country expeditions for the children but has also attended local cross-country races with them, including the Great West Run Children’s Race. The eight other torchbearers (Sid, Zoe, Lily, Hannah B, Ella, Joseph, Michael and George) were chosen because they have shown great determination to improve their performances in the Daily Mile challenge. Determination is one of the Paralympic values (along with inspiration, courage and equality). It was genuinely an exciting moment as we waited for the torch to approach, to cheer it on and to process around the school after it. Please follow this link to view all the photos in our gallery.

Singing Club successes

As you already know, Singing Club have been performing to different audiences in our community. Last week, members of the Memory Café enjoyed an informal concert from the Y2 – Y6 singers. Mrs Barker writes: “We all enjoyed your singing today. You have a lovely group of children with some very good voices. Apparently the selection from the shows brought some tears to the eyes of a few, remembering significant times in their lives. Your visit will be talked about in our meetings for a few weeks, reminiscence is good to hear. There are a couple of retired teachers in our group who have remarked on how well behaved the children are and how their faces portray how much they are enjoying their singing.” What lovely feedback! Well done to all of you.

TVLC Arts Fest June 2016

What a marvellous show our children put on last week at the Arts Fest! Several local primary schools, Teign School’s orchestra and the Teign Drama Group also performed. For our performance, Mr Parker and Mrs Todd came up with the ambitious idea of fitting several ‘African’ pieces together into a chain, which allowed for great musicality, variety, inclusion of all, opportunities for talented instrumentalists and for leadership… it was a masterpiece! The children performed with confidence, skill and enjoyment. I can’t tell you how proud it made me of the children and of our school and I know those of you who were lucky enough to be there felt the same.


School Council Recognition!

We made a difference badge 2016

We are justly proud of our School Council this year. They have worked very well together as a team, and have organised some excellent events to support those less fortunate than themselves (raising £760.50 overall for five different good causes). In addition, they have represented their peers well and have brought questions forward for discussion with me: for example, could we please have clear rules for using the woods (yes), could we eat lunch on the field (no, not regularly). Recently, Mrs Kersey kindly wrote in to the Speaker of the House of Commons to explain how effective Lottie, Sid, Melissa, Gus, Troy, Martha and Verity have been. I am delighted to tell you that, as a result, they have been presented with this ‘We Made a Difference’ award. Well done to all of you, and to Mrs Kersey, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Waddilove for supporting you so well in your meetings.

Y6 Lifeskills Event

The Y6 children had an interesting time in Exeter last week, learning more about how to keep themselves safe as they move towards their teenage years. They watched presentations from all of the main emergency services, including the police, the fire service and the coastguard service. “The best bit was when we went outside to see the fire service. They told us never to put water on burning oil. They showed us why! They demonstrated and it blew up! They explained that it was alright in a safe environment, but if it happened in a kitchen you would set your house alight,” said Polly. Please visit our gallery for more pictures.

Parliament Outreach Visit

Our Y2-Y5 children had the opportunity to take part in workshops to explore how our democracy works. “Ros set up a debate for us about whether we should have more homework or less homework. We argued it as if we were in the Houses of Parliament. It was really fun. The ‘more homework’ side won!” said Emily.

London Residential for Years 4, 5 and 6

What a wonderful week we have had! Everyone has been brilliant and we have experienced amazing things together. The children will be full of stories and reflections for days – I expect it will take a while to process all that we have seen and done.


Activity Week for Years R, 1, 2 and 3

Whilst the older children were away in London the younger children of the school had their own activity week. They had lots of fun from a visit to Dawlish Warren, canoeing at Haven Banks, constructing towers, making music and creating delicious sandwiches. Please visit our gallery for more photos of the week.

IMG_1660 - Copy

Y4/5 Tag Rugby Team

The Y4/5 Tag Rugby team (Sophie, Kit, Max, Will T, James, Jack, Wilf, Joseph, Ella and Lucy) competed in a Tag Rugby Tournament organised by the Exeter Chiefs. They won all of their matches and were particularly strong in defence. The final was thrilling: they were 2-0 down at half time and needed an inspiring team talk from their coach (Rupert Williams) to rally and win the match 3-2. “The final was against St Giles-on-the-Heath Primary School from Launceston. They were playing so much better than us in the first half. At half time, Sophie’s dad pointed out that we needed higher passes and to be ‘on the shoulder’ more. He encouraged us not to throw it away but to focus and work as a team,” said James. “We have been coached by Richie from the Exeter Chiefs every Friday, and some of us also go to Tag Rugby Club after school on a Monday. It was exciting and a wonderful feeling to win. We’ve never won a Tag Rugby competition before. I’m proud of my gold medal,” added Sophie. Well done everyone!


Literacy Success


Congratulations to Eve, Lara and Lewis! Oak Class entered a competition run by the National Literacy Trust. Drawing on the award-winning series as inspiration, Oak Class wrote and illustrated their own Timmy Failure detective story using characters from the books. Stories were a maximum of 500 words and contained at least one illustration. Lewis, Lara and Eve’s entries were awarded a runners up prize and each will receive a set of Timmy Failure books. Well done! You can click on each picture to read their stories.


Forest School News

Thank you to our wonderful PTFA who kindly bought a cooking tripod for our Forest School. Class 3 successfully made some very tasty chocolate chip bannock bread.

Y4/5 Rugby Challenge

On Friday mornings over the next five weeks, coaches from Exeter Chiefs will be in school leading two hour sessions on ‘tackling number’ in Maths before going up to the field for some Tag Rugby training. The aim is to enthuse the children in both subjects. At the end of the programme there will be a tournament between participating schools – details to follow.

Spring Term, 2016

‘Together We Thrive’ Mosaic Unveiled!

Roger Kirk from the Helen Foundation charity joined us on the morning of the PTFA Easter Fun day to unveil our beautiful mosaic. All very exciting! Please scroll down the page for information on how we made it.


Assessment Evening for Parents, March 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us last night. It was good to have the chance to explain all of the national changes taking place, and to share with parents our responses to them. As always, we aim for every child to thrive and experience a rounded, rich and broad education (while at the same time supporting them to rise to the challenge of the new raised expectations in terms of attainment). If you were not able to make the meeting, do look through the PowerPoint presentation below and read the leaflets. Thank you.

Assessment Meeting for Parents PowerPoint Presentation 2016

Dunsford Assessment Leaflet for Parents – Feb 16


Y4 Gym Competition, March 2016

Congratulations to Daisy, Lucy, Max, Martha, Nicholas and Melissa who got through to the Y4 gym competition finals at Somersaults Gym. They each performed a floor routine and vault. They also had great fun on the gym equipment at this wonderful facility.


‘Together We Thrive’ Mosaic

It was so exciting to see the mosaic take shape just before half term. The children worked with such concentration and care; Monica was really impressed with them all. She has taken the mosaic away to finish, which will take her about three weeks. Once we have the mosaic back, we will arrange for an unveiling ceremony! I can’t wait!

Bikeability Success

Congratulations to Joseph, Ellie, Emily, Sid, Jack and George who have successfully passed their Level 2 Bikeability test.

Gymnastics Festival

All our key stage 2 children (years 3 to 6) were invited to take part in a gymnastics festival held Teign School. The event was organised by the School Sports Partnership and led by year 10 pupils from Teign. As you can see from the photos, it was an enjoyable event.