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Nursery Newsletter No. 4 Summer 18

Nursery Newsletter No. 3 Summer 18

Nursery Newsletter No. 2 Summer 18

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This has been a fabulous and exciting year for us at Dunsford Community Academy, since we opened our Nursery in January 2018.

Now that we are in our third term of Nursery provision (since our academisation on 1st January 2018), our offer to children and families is going from strength to strength. Going forward, our Nursery Lead (Leanne Walters) and our Nursery Learning Support Assistant (Bryony Dundas) are wonderful, enthusiastic and hardworking early years practitioners. As a team, we are constantly reflecting on the quality of our provision and adapting what we offer our youngest children in our drive to provide a curriculum of excellence. We have used feedback from families to inform some of these changes (eg introducing a new weekly newsletter to improve our communication between school and home). Tapestry (an online record of a child’s learning journey) is available to families.

As a team, we are constantly reflecting on the quality of our provision and adapting what we offer our youngest children in our drive to provide a curriculum of excellence. Nursery and Class 1 children are linking together in some way every day, providing excellent transition opportunities for those planning to attend our academy in Year Reception. We are already going from strength to strength, and this will only continue.


Nursery places

If you are considering sending your child to our Nursery – welcome! We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our amazing setting and fantastic school. If you choose us, we will explain our arrangements for settling your child in to our thriving setting and to providing them with an excellent early years education.

Once your child starts to enjoy sessions at our Nursery, you will need to confirm the sessions you’d like on a termly basis. This is how the national funding system works. Many parents choose to increase their child’s hours at Nursery over time, especially in the run up to starting school. Do please choose additional sessions for your child if you would like them to benefit from the transition work we do across the week, especially in the afternoons (not just on Thursdays).

Nursery places and hours will be allocated strictly in line with our Nursery Admission Policy. This will be available very soon on our website.


Our Nursery is staffed with fully qualified Early Years professionals as follows:

Breakfast Club: Miss Farress

All week: Mrs Walters (Nursery Lead)

All week: Miss Dundas (Nursery Learning Support Assistant)

Daily Routines

Breakfast Club opens from 7:30am and is held in the Dining Room (in the main building). Simply follow the path round the side of the main building to find your way in. A healthy breakfast is provided for those who want it. A variety of play activities are on offer for the children. Miss Farress will accompany any Nursery children attending the Club to the Daffodil Building and settle them in to their morning there for you.

Dropping off your child for the morning sessions

We welcome parents into the Daffodil Building from 8:50am. Mrs Walters and Miss Dundas will be busy setting everything up before this time, so please do not arrive too early. Thank you.

Please use the main entrance at the far end of the Daffodil Building to bring your child into the setting. Please help your child to sign in and encourage them to hang up their coats and bags appropriately. Please check their tray for any letters you may have missed, ant special treasures or lost belongings.

Picking up or dropping off your child at lunchtime

Do please come straight to the Daffodil Building’s main entrance, where staff will be ready to greet you. Thank you.

Our afternoon sessions will run from 12:30 – 3:30pm.

Please wait at the Nursery Meeting Point in the main playground at the end of the day. Please do not go through the gate and up the side of Class 1 to wait by the Daffodil Building. Nursery Class staff will bring the children down to you at 3:30pm (to make it easier for parents who pick up their children from across the school).

Contacting Us

If you would like to come along to meet us and explore our setting and our school, please just ring us or email. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions for us, please do get in touch. We want to work in partnership with our parents and local families, to ensure that together we thrive. We welcome all communication!


“My son loves going to nursery at Dunsford. He looks forward to it every day. He enjoys playing with his friends and is obviously relaxed and at home in the Daffodil Building. I am confident the transition from nursery to school will be fine for him because he is so familiar with the Reception class and teachers. I feel very lucky to have the school on my doorstep.” Mrs F, March 2018

“…we are happy with B’s place in the nursery and he obviously loves it so this makes me very happy.” Mrs S, March 2018

“…  H absolutely loves Nursery and asks every day whether he can go or not!” Mrs T, March 2018