Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure 2016-17 – ‘Book In A Box Challenge’

This summer the children were encouraged to create a 3D world of their favourite book and in the photographs below you can see the books they chose and the wonderful book worlds they created. We have enjoyed looking at these in classes and hope you enjoy them too. Why not go to your local library and borrow one of these books and enjoy reading it if the box has caught your imagination.

Well done to all the children and families who joined in with these challenges to promote an environment both at home and school for reading for pleasure.

Reading for Pleasure 2015-16 – ‘Unusual Places To Read A Book Challenge’

Reading for pleasure is very important in our school and we use a variety of stimulus to encourage this. In the summer holidays of 2015 – 2016 we asked the children to be creative and think of unusual places to read a book. As you can see from the photographs that they sent in, they really did come up with some wonderfully unusual places to read a book.